imageThere is an altogether too short article, High-tech behind Shroud of Turin exposition in the English edition of Gazzetta del Sud Online:

Turin, June 11 – Putting the Shroud of Turin on display has involved a vast array of studied high technology devices and methods, revealed Thursday in a seminar held by tech partners who participated in planning for the Shroud’s display and conservation. In order to illuminate the cloth believed by many to be Christ’s winding sheet, a specific spectrum of light was identified by Italy’s National Institute for Metrological Research for its ability to permit high visibility while also guaranteeing the best preservation of the fabric and the imprint on the cloth. The cloth is subjected to programmed emissions of nitrogen, which are also aimed at preservation. Video surveillance of the shroud and the shrine where it is housed is handled by flying drones that were built by an aerospace firm.

I’ve read that the lights distort the color of the image. It’s a trade off.

Here is an English language article and video about the drones of Turin.