imageJoseph Pronechen has an interesting article in the National Catholic Register: Shroud of Turin Inspires Conversion and Deepens Faith.

On Mark Antonacci:

He began researching the shroud in depth while preparing a presentation on it for lawyers. Instead of the short summary necessary for the presentation, he gave “a detailed analysis, like a lawyer would do.” This was the start of his book The Resurrection of the Shroud (M. Evans and Co.), which was published in 2000. Antonacci also began the foundation ( to advance the research and publication of results in all areas related to the Shroud of Turin.

Antonacci did return to his Christian roots, but not as a Methodist. He considers himself a nondenominational Christian.

His second book, Test the Shroud, is due for release in late spring 2015, and his foundation’s name will change about that time to the Test the Shroud Foundation.

On Barrie Schwortz:

The shroud “forced me to confront my own faith,” he said. He “was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home,” where God was part of daily life, but as a teen, he left his faith and God. Then along came his experiences with the shroud, which caused him to look inside himself for what he believed.

“It reconnected me to my own faith in God,” Schwortz affirmed. “How many Jews can say the Shroud of Turin called them back to God?” he added. “I’m still Jewish, but I perceive myself as a messenger who brings this to a broader audience.”

Indeed, Schwortz has done so over 35 years, as he focuses on bringing the shroud to as many people as he can. He founded the Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association, Inc. at, the premiere website on the subject.

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