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Picture for Today: Fresco in Pinerolo


Description from the Archdiocese of Turin’s Sindone 2015 Twitter account (#Sindone2015) and Facebook page (#Sindone2015)  as translated by Google:

The connection of the Shroud with the town of Pinerolo dates back to 1478, when according to some sources, an exposition was held on the eve of Easter. The Shroud is the Gothic facade of the Duomo and in a private building in Via Sommeiller (photo). Above the frame a little angel shows Veronica, while the sides are depicted the instruments of the Passion. The Shroud supported by s. Joseph, s. Anthony of Padua, s. John the Baptist, s.John the Evangelist and s. Francis of Assisi.Centrally located the Virgin who looks towards the Holy Shroud.

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