OK writes:

As everyone awaits new CNN documentary series, meanwhile I would like to turn attention to another, seemingly forgotten Canadian series about relics "In search of Holy Treasure" (trailer). . . .

. . . I watched this about two years ago on (now defunct) Religia.tv channell, and I must say I enjoyed it very much (I recorded them on DVD for future watch, of course). It was very well made, presented really balanced view (compared to other documentaries) and provided a lot of otherwise little known infomration. The list of episodes (at least in polish edition):

1. The Shroud of Turin

2. The Holy Grail

3. The Tomb of Jesus

4. The Holy Spear

5. The True Cross

6. The Sudarium of Oviedo.

7. The Crown of Thorns

8. Marian apparitions.

9. The Noah’s Ark

10. The cloths of Jesus (Trier, Argenteuil, Prum, Cahors)

11. The Ark of Covenant

12. The Blood Miracle of Saint Janurius

13. Summary

I have found some of the episodes on Youtube (in portuguese) if someone is interested (Sudarium,Ark of Covenant ,Noah’s Ark ,Crown of Thorns,Spear of Destiny and True Cross).

I have no profit at all for promoting this series.