400,000 Viewing Reservations Already

imageSindone.org (@sindone2015) tweets that they have signed up 4500 volunteer workers to assist with the Shroud Exposition and that nearly 400,000 people have booked viewing reservations.


3 thoughts on “400,000 Viewing Reservations Already”

  1. One wonders how many are going just out of curiosity, given that the image is extraordinary. Most of those who will go will probably be Italians since Christianity is still “in” there, unlike England, where it is “out”:
    Naturally, Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury only spoke about religion as it appeared in John Lennon’s “Imagine”. He could not say anything about the other words, like “no more possessions”.
    According to reports, the singer and Yoko bought “122 cows for US$ 1.5 million in 1976-77,
    10 bulls for US$ 350.000, real estate for US$ 740.000 and used equipment for US$ 100.000”.
    No more possessions!

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