Russ Breault: The Shroud of Turin in Fifteen Minutes

Russ Breault has just posted this. Do have a look.

Link to Video on YouTube

9 thoughts on “Russ Breault: The Shroud of Turin in Fifteen Minutes”

  1. Very nice presentation, succinct, convincing and no rubbish, much better than many pdfs we see on Shroud websites. People all over the world can learn in fifteen minutes all they need to know about the relic. Let’s hope the Archdiocese of Turin provides a link to this video.

  2. Russ…….Bravo! Spot on! Once again, you carry the ball and do not fumble. Concise…to the point…highly informative. The Light in the tomb…….the Shekinah Glory of the Lord! Keep up the good work!

  3. While I believe that the grayscale (bright and dark) values of the images show shape, I remain unconvinced that this means they represent distance between the body and the cloth. They may; I’ll concede that point. But I have not yet seen convincing evidence of that. Also, I have not seen any convincing evidence that light caused the image. Moreover, I don’t think scriptural passages, which may be metaphorical in their reference to light, can be used in this context. Other than that, the video is an excellent introduction to the shroud. It is the best I’ve seen.

    1. Dan, it’s ok if you’re not convinced, because the model has still to be built in detail, simulated (at the molecular level) and tested with further investigations.

      I don’t think image formation has anything to do with light, but for the layman, talking about light emission or a fine tuned, complex chemical reaction (contrast being driven by diffusion) i think scientifically based, may look the same unlikely mechanism.

  4. I got to about 2 minutes 40 secs into the video and could not go on.

    i.e. either the ST is either the burial shroud or it is not, IF not it MUST be the work of an artist BUT the ST team did not find any paint/dyes etc. therefore it is NOT the work of an artist.


    you sir are a fool playing a fool’s game

    Your nonsense summation lacking logic seems to indicate you are cherry picking through the evidence pile again…

    do you know why George Washington chopped down the cherry tree?
    to stop ‘we the sheeple’ cherry picking through the evidence pile and scripting nonsense narratives….


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