A New York Times One-Sip-of-Coffee Story

imageVictoria Shannon writes in the New York Times:

Millions of people make a pilgrimage to Mexico City around this time every year for the festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12, a Christian holy day and a national holiday in Mexico.

The object of their devotion is an Indian peasant’s cloak with the portrait of the Virgin Mary, which was said to have miraculously been imprinted on this date in 1531, after he encountered her apparition there.

The 4-foot-8-inch cloak has never been subjected to a complete scientific analysis the way the Shroud of Turin has. . . .

The rest of the story is meager, hardly worth the effort to click your mouse. It briefly mentions the microscopic pictures that one man thinks he see in the eyes of the image.  You are better off searching Google for <Our Lady of Guadalupe eyes>.

3 thoughts on “A New York Times One-Sip-of-Coffee Story”

  1. The link url attached to the Shroud of Turin is shroud.com.

    Let’s hope journalists will browse through the site and for the coverage of the next exhibition we won’t read any longer in the NYT : “skeptics say plenty of evidence corroborates a medieval dating” without being specific.

  2. The problem is the shroud.com landing page is so uninviting.. Buy a template and add some pictures without the self-aggrandizement humongous STERA stamp. Triple real traffic overnight. Do away with the front and center hit counter. It diminishes credibility. Looks so 1980. Add Facebook and Twitter feeds. Look professional.

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