clip_image001The British tabloid Metro is reporting that John Lennon’s ‘Shroud Of Tourin’ to fetch £80,000 at rock auction:

His scribblings, doodles, and witticisms don’t set him out as a titan in the art community – but it doesn’t stop them from commanding large sums at auction.

Several of the former Beatle’s offerings are part of a musical memorabilia sale at Cooper Owen Musical Media Auctions next Monday.

Among them is a typically irreverent drawing on canvas titled Shroud Of Tourin, featuring a classic bespectacled self-portrait and a series of graffiti-esque slogans.

Copying the style of the religious icon the Shroud Of Turin – including being hard to see without close scrutiny – the work was done while Lennon was filming the 1967 movie How I Won The War.