Marcin Balcerzyk writes:

imageI have recently viewed the BBC/History film “The real face of Jesus?” where you appeared, and wherefrom I took the link and your email. Abut April 2014 our friend has given us the photo copied from the screen from the film, form the part where the face of Jesus is presented at about 1 h 19 min of the film. Our son Jan Pawel who suffered leukemia and died on 30th of September of 2014 at the age of 7 years was seeing Jesus imagefrom the age of 4 daily (which is a story by itself). Jan Pawel told us “it is easier for me to believe in Jesus, because I see him”. When my wife showed this image to him, Jan Pawel told us that Jesus is the same, just that he has shorter hair and lots of light around him, not dark. On some other occasion Jan Pawel told us that Jesus has green eyes with a little blue. Jan Pawel reacted as a boy from a film and a book “The Heaven is Real” when he has seen the image “Prince of Peace” .

imagePersonally I work on molecular imaging and process daily PET and CT images of the people and animals which we acquire in our human and small animal PET/CT scanners. All of these are 3D images, for processing of which we use PMOD, a program for biomedical image quantification. One of the useful contributions I thought of making is a CT scan of a volunteer wrapped in a cloth, possibly with a set of fiducial markers (lead small balls) on the cloth for reference. It would be a continuation of the work of G.Fanti et al. published in:  Fanti, G., et al. (2010). "Turin Shroud: Compatibility Between a Digitized Body Image and a Computerized Anthropomorphous Manikin." Journal of Imaging Science and Technology 54(5): 50503-50501-50503-50508.

Marcin Balcerzyk, Ph.D.
Unidad Ciclotron,
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