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Colin writes:

Well, would you credit it?  There we were, assuming that HD Shroud 2.0 was only available on iPads, at a price, when all the time it was there at the click of a laptop key on good ol’ Auntie BBC, going way back to 2010.

Well, not exactly. The image from the BBC is not the HD image available on iPads. It is a low grade, non-HD, 786 by 2973 pixel, 96 dpi JPEG copy of what is available on the iPad. The real, HD image is bigger than life. You can see all the threads. So when Colin says . . .

Maybe resolution is critical to spotting the two-tone effect. Maybe that’s why it’s been missed previously, by myself and others.

. . . I’m confused.  Does Colin mean low resolution? I’ve been looking and looking at the iPad image, even cranking up the contrast. I don’t see the two-tone effect Colin sees. I, do, however, see some pink in the epsilon-shaped bloodstain on the forehead. See:


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  1. I tried to extract the metadata from the original BBC image and found out that most of the information is missing. This is troublesome, since .jpgs lose information more readily than say, a .raw format, and without some data we can’t really know how many alterations could have taken place.

  2. As simplified version of the TS weave pattern, cannot Colin still see the Hungarian Pray Ms stepped-pyramid weave pattern VERY SLOWLY EMERGING from his most ‘Londonian’ foggy eye-and-brain coordination system? I even have got better illustrations (Giorgio TESSIORE’s macrographic pen and ink drawing + macro-photographs made by Mark Evans) to make my point clearer.

    1. And what about Hugh’s and Charles’ most ‘Londonian’ foggy eye-and-brain coordination system? Cannot they see either the pattern VERY SLOWLY EMERGING into sight and brain?

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