imageAnd you thought journalists were sometimes a tad bit inaccurate. This comment appeared two days ago in a Christian News Service report: Son of Tony Campolo Comes Out as Agnostic, Hired as Humanist Chaplain at California University. The story has absolutely nothing to do with the Shroud of Turin. In the comments section no one thought to  mention the shroud.  No one even thought about it. Why would they? Then . . . out of nowhere . . . I call them Shrolls:

How did NASA going to Mars with the Mariner 10 satellite in the 1973 lead to the formation of the Shroud of Turin Research Project later in 1978? This project in 1978 would attract 38 skeptical American scientists on the team of 40 (with only two Christians), who thought they’d prove it a hoax within a week’s time, but leading to all the scientists, even a Jewish man on the team, all coming to faith in Jesus after 5 days studying the Shroud of Turin.