New Book: The Coming of the Quantum Christ:

. . . The Shroud of Turin and the Apocalypse of Selfishness

What some of us are saying over on Amazon:

imageDan Porter, Editor of called Quantum Christ "the best book ever written about the Shroud." Actually, he wrote, "it is not just about the Shroud. The Coming of the Quantum Christ is about what the Shroud is about. It is about the confluence of streams of human understanding that meet in the study of the Shroud. Religion converging with science is one. Our history meeting our future is another. This book will make you think."

Award winning film producer [Silent Witness] David Rolfe wrote: [John Klotz’s] assembly of the evidence for authenticity is meticulous and he relays it in an unfolding chronicle which also reveals the twists, turns and human frailties that have bedeviled the Shroud’s reputation and left it in limbo to anyone who has never taken the time and trouble to dig a little deeper. It is far reaching in its scope and cconclusions. Hold on to your hats.”

imageAnnette Cloutier, author of Praey to God: A Tasteful Trip Through Faith, wrote "John Klotz’s genius in writing The Coming of the Quantum Christ is that he carefully and freely managed to integrate the whole of our current society and wrap it around the Shroud of Turin. The result of which The Coming of the Quantum Christ is the most exhilarating book ever written thus far on the investigations and the implications of the Shroud of Turin vis à vis the human condition. It is a clear and concise literary masterpiece, a must read for everyone interested or even just curious about the Shroud of Turin, Christ, and Life itself."

Joseph Marino, author of Wrapped-up in the Shroud summoned-up Quantum Christ in these words: "Heavily footnoted and lavishly illustrated with both color and black & white photos, this book should be in the collection of anyone interested in the Shroud, whether a novice or a trained scientist."

Barrie Schwortz, Editor of and Documenting Photographer of the 1978 Scientific Examination of the Shroud put it this way: "Meticulously researched, thoughtfully written and handcrafted with love and respect for the subject matter, this book is a must read for anyone fascinated by the Shroud of Turin and what it might mean to the world."

The Kindle Edition is $9.90 USD.   BUY IT!!!

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  • Print Length: 465 pages
  • Publisher: John C. Klotz (September 30, 2014)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00O3KFY0E
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8 thoughts on “New Book: The Coming of the Quantum Christ:”

    1. It appears that to post to IBooks, I need a Mac system. I will endeavor to get that done. Also, I will explore print on demand. (Any one know a Maciac [Apple fanatic] that can format an I-Book. I am not looking for a volunteer but a reasonably priced pro). There really is not a lot to be done.

      However, my main goal after that gets done will be to entice a trade book company (Harpers, Putnam etc) to buy it.

      The research and writing of the manuscript took three years. I didn’t want to spend six months trying to sell an agent with just an idea and then have the agent spend a year or two chasing after publisher. In fact, I once had an agent who was going to sell an idea for a novel on the Shroud at William Morris. It didn’t go anywhere (mercifully).

      About 20 years ago at a Sierra Club Holiday party, I met an editor (I think she was from Harper’s) who told me that the “new thing” was buying self published manuscripts. That was before E-Publishing was a factor.

      Now, E-publishing is the old self publishing on steroids.

      I think the published Kindle and Nook and hopeful I-Book are a lot better than a synopsis, outline and sample chapter.

      In any event, if I can get the I-Book done and also access to the PDF via PayPal, that will cover a pretty wide waterfront. I set a goal to get published before the St. Louis Conference. I made it and this should come as no surprise, Barrie Schwortz gave me a lot of last minute aid, to go with three years of monitoring.

      1. John,

        You have to get some press. Maybe do a press release or 2. Maybe get on TV. Good luck.

  1. Isn’t Tim Tebow now working for Good Morning America, to find interesting topics for the show?

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