New Novel: The Blood of the Shroud

imageAccording to the Redland Daily Facts, the local newspaper for the Redlands, California,

Timothy Floyd Miller, a 55-year resident of the Redlands area, has recently published his first novel, “The Blood of the Shroud,” through Las Vegas-based publisher, ADJ Publishing LLC.

The book tells the story of the theft of the Shroud of Turin, believed to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, from its home in St. John the Baptist’s Church in Italy, by an unknown group of people. The U.S. government’s “Procurement” division is then enlisted to help get it back and protagonists and ex-Navy SEALs Levi Ben Levine and Aaron Graftt (a biblical archaeologist) are pulled out of retirement to assist. They eventually join forces with micro biologist Laurel Coventry, and the three begin a grand adventure of biblical proportions.

It is available as a Kindle book at

3 thoughts on “New Novel: The Blood of the Shroud”

  1. Might there be a niche market for a “Turin Shroud Book of Jokes”?


    Shroudie goes to see his doctor.

    D. So what’s the problem?

    S. Everywhere I go I keep seeing images of the Man on the Turin Shroud.. I look at clouds in the sky, I see him. I look at tea leaves, I see him. I look at ink blots I see him. I look at bedroom wallpaper I see him. Everywhere I look I see the Man on the Turin Shroud.

    D. So what makes you think I can help?

    S. Holy Jesus. Don’t turn your back on me now. For a start it makes you upside down.

  2. Surprising, perhaps, a new novel about the Shroud turns up about once a month. Mostly they involve the theft of the Shroud and the cloning of its DNA. And a lot of people get horribly killed. They range from children’s detective stories right up to X-rated slashers. I wonder if any other artifacts generate a similar novel-rate.

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