Warning: The Sunglasses Will Win You Over as The Old Fart Rants About the Shroud of Turin

Hat tip to Joe Marino for this one.

imageYou might want to watch all nine minutes.  It is a lot of Joe Nickell-ism-like ranting concluding with it would have been strips of cloth not a single cloth. And then his summary. You could skip to about 6:50 and save yourself from much of the hypnotic effect of the blue sunglasses (transcribed before a second cup of morning coffee)

. . . Such an image on the shroud could not possibly have been missed by any witnesses. It would be fresh, bright and clear as it would ever be. It is absolutely ludicrous to believe that the image of Jesus, burned into his burial shroud, something which would have been seen as nothing short of miraculous, the holy grail of tangible, physical evidence, which would prove the physical resurrection of the son of God, the very basis of Christianity itself, would not even get a mention in the Gospels.

[ . . . ]

Peace and love, everybody. That’s where it’s at.

5 thoughts on “Warning: The Sunglasses Will Win You Over as The Old Fart Rants About the Shroud of Turin”

  1. Hi loves…. this ‘’idiot’’ in the shades is not even comical..I feel sorry for him and anyone who has any claim on or with him..a ;piece of ‘ something’… do I make myself clear, or I can ‘rant’ too!!! But he has the floor, the Bull, for the better-word…and one could describe beautifully as the bible states on the description of a FOOL’! ohhh well..God have M E R C Y …did HE not say ‘’ Forgive them Father for they know not what they do’’ !!! Amen amen. God bless you, later, D’ + JMJ+++

  2. Check out the Historical Novel: Upper Room, The Way: 33AD to 57AD. Explains several very obvious reasons why the Gospels don’t have information on the shroud’s image. TY

  3. I think Joe Nickell has a point when he talks about the burial shroud as tangible “physical evidence” of the “physical resurrection” and the funny side of the story is that, without realising it, he also becomes an apologist for the reality of the event.
    As commented earlier by me, the Jesus movement was a “Resurrection movement”, not an “Empty tomb” movement and the burial shroud receives just passing mention in the New Testament.
    This may be bad news for some Shroudies, who although unwilling to admit it, look to the Shroud as the sole “proof” of the Resurrection.

  4. Old Fart Rants isn’t a reliable source of information, I’ve covered that in great detail. ;) Picking on the Shroud of Turin is OFR’s way of trying to seem intelligent on biblical issues. He claimed to have studied the Bible for 50 years but didn’t know the Old Testament was written in Hebrew & Aramaic, NO JOKE!

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