imageA reader writes:

Will someone be making videos at the conference? Will they be up on YouTube? How soon? Are there plans to publish all the papers online? How soon? What about the Power Points? When?

It is my understanding that Russ Breault will be video taping presentations and making them available; I believe they will be on YouTube.  It is a lot of work so it may take awhile to get them up. I’ll post links as I find out about them.

I understand that papers will be online at some point after the conference. Hopefully, some authors will also make their papers available on sites like, where they can appear immediately. I’ll watch for them and post something when I notice them. You can help me spot them.

Bookmark This YouTube Page NOW

imagethis is a big deal enhancement


Russ Breault writes:

clip_image001I have completed phase one of a complete overhaul of Shroud University.  The videos hosted there could only be downloaded.  They have now all been moved over to YouTube and can now be easily streamed.  There are close to 100 presentations from the 1991 St Louis conference, 1993 Rome conference and the 2008 Ohio State University conference. I will eventually link them all back to Shroud U but right now they can only be seen here: I hope some of your participants find some real jewels here.

Indeed. There are some real jewels here.

Put St. Louis on the Map

imageRice Professor, a reader of this blog, writes:

Everyone is doing it. For instance the Vatican has a YouTube channel. You should create one for the St. Louis conference. Tape every presentation. Upload them to your channel.  Provide links to the papers when you do so. Get and to promote it. This will put the St. Louis conference on the map. This will promote respectability for sindonology and authenticity like never before. Okay, so you have a couple of nut job papers. So what. The most difficult part will be turning on the camera. The cost will be zero.

Actually, the Vatican has several official channels in different languages. I found these:

Russ Breault has made recordings at previous conferences.  I agree, putting the presentations on YouTube in a special YouTube conference channel would be a good idea.

Another Shroud of Turin Video

Hat tip to Joe Marino, who is better than me at finding videos.

Having been just uploaded within the past week, this is part of a YouTube channel call Mad  World Series. This particular video is called Biblical history proven – part 2 – Shroud of Turin.  The video runs for about 52 minutes.  Nice editing but a lot of outdated and highly disputable material like blaming the the carbon dating on a bio-plastic coating, like skeletal features, etc.

The uploader writes in the About page for the video.

With this new series, i am trying to show you:

  • That there is evidence that could support, that the Bible is telling us the truth.
  • Seeing is believing for some people, so to help you people out, i will share some videos i have collected over the years, that helped me.


FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

Okay, but what truth is that?

John Jackson Presentation at a Roman Catholic in 2002

Joe Marino writes: “Just found these on YouTube and don’t think I’ve seen previously.  Each part about 60 minutes.”

New to me, too. Great find!

In case you need them, here are the URLs:

Warning: The Sunglasses Will Win You Over as The Old Fart Rants About the Shroud of Turin

Hat tip to Joe Marino for this one.

imageYou might want to watch all nine minutes.  It is a lot of Joe Nickell-ism-like ranting concluding with it would have been strips of cloth not a single cloth. And then his summary. You could skip to about 6:50 and save yourself from much of the hypnotic effect of the blue sunglasses (transcribed before a second cup of morning coffee)

. . . Such an image on the shroud could not possibly have been missed by any witnesses. It would be fresh, bright and clear as it would ever be. It is absolutely ludicrous to believe that the image of Jesus, burned into his burial shroud, something which would have been seen as nothing short of miraculous, the holy grail of tangible, physical evidence, which would prove the physical resurrection of the son of God, the very basis of Christianity itself, would not even get a mention in the Gospels.

[ . . . ]

Peace and love, everybody. That’s where it’s at.

Extraordinary Stat: The Real Face of Jesus on YouTube

A reader from New Hampshire writes:

I very roughly but conservatively count well over a half million views of YouTube snippets from the History Channels’s Real Face of Jesus. Going viral is something that happens to a single video in a day or a week only to be a vague cyber memory. What is happening here is different. Many people over many weeks have been making short segments from the show and uploading them. Thousands watch some of them. Tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands watch some of the segments. YouTube has a place for giving a video a thumbs up or down. Ten to one or perhaps twenty to one like them. The written comments are are almost completely positive.

Here is a link that will help you see what our reader from New Hampshire was seeing:


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