And speaking of Secondo Pia

“One thing remains clear. This holy relic is still shrouded in mystery.”

And speaking of Secondo Pia, this YouTube from the Travel Channel was just uploaded to YouTube yesterday. When I went to view it I was viewer #2. It is less than three minutes long, well done and fair.

3 thoughts on “And speaking of Secondo Pia”

  1. Unfortunately, it seems that we in Poland cannot watch this -it claims that it is unavailable in our country.

  2. Dan, this was video short and sweet. Thanks. In reflection, I think it so demanding of centuries of time and attention that the Shroud remains like the Universe only guess work as to how it came into being. Would that we knew it was actually from the Divine Light or the Demonic Darkness… from the Being of Life in Progress or the Being of Life in Regression. Many of the Gnostic Gospels favored a lesser God (e.g.Yaldabaoth) that created a world of duality and “evil”. While I wonder at times about the raes… the true nature of things and life… the Shroud certainly gives me a greater sense of pause.

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