imageDog Ear Publishing today announced a new book by John Winslow Gibson, The Shroud of Turin and the Origins of Christianity: What is Behind the Secrecy and the Masks? by John Winslow Gibson. It is available from Amazon in paperback for $13.46 and in Kindle for $9.99.

Here is the publisher description from Dog Ear:

The author critiques Christianity’s worldview and doctrines, concluding that a holy person didn’t teach these things. Yet if the New Testament shows us a Jesus who couldn’t have lived, the Shroud of Turin seems to show us a Jesus who must have died. To understand what went on, the author looks for the hidden writings in the Bible that Origen wrote of, locating some of them in the Adam and Eve story, the tales of Paul’s conversion, the “rapture” narratives, and the parable of the Good Samaritan. Recognizing “Iscariot” as an esoteric disguise of a name from mythology, he pieces together how Christianity may in fact have begun and discusses what we should think about it now.

John Winslow Gibson has a longtime interest in philosophical, spiritual, and esoteric topics. The thinking and researching of many years culminate in this book.

I took a sneak peek with Amazon’s Look Inside feature. The author writes:

But, for reasons I will give in this chapter and chapter three, I agree with those who do not find it believable that there was an historic Jesus of Nazareth (though I do not concur that he was only a literary creation). So it is up to me to offer an alternative account of what it is that we behold on this relic. If I cannot prove that I am correct about it, I may be able at least to keep the question open.

Onto the summer reading pile left over from last summer.