imageJoe Marino found this letter by Charles Markos of Deerfield to the editor of the Chicago Tribune.

To read the entire letter, click HERE and scroll down:

This is in response to the letter to the editor "Religious reality" (Voice of the People, May 10), by Marc Perkel. Although I agree that public civic meetings should not implicitly endorse religion, I cannot agree with his logic or accept his conclusion: "Science is now the new Bible and reality is the new God."

I am a practicing Christian and had a 35-year career in chemistry research. I do not blindly accept all the teachings of any religion and the same goes for science.

However, Perkel’s contention that God "simply doesn’t exist" is in direct conflict with knowledge that has been recorded about Jesus. Look at the strongest evidence: Jesus risen from the dead is a reality that cannot be ignored. Supporting evidence lies in the modern-day scientific investigations of the Shroud of Turin that have not been able to discount the claim that it was the Jesus burial shroud, much less say with any certainty how it was produced. (emphasis mine)

Picture is Chicago Tribune Tower (1924),one of the world’s most beautiful skyscrapers.