imageJeff Mahoney has written a good article about a recent talk by Barrie Schwortz in Hamilton put on by the the Vancouver Shroud Association, talks that are going on every day at 1pm and 7pm until April 28:

For centuries, it has engrossed believers and skeptics, serving for some as a fixing point for faith, for others as a caution against gullibility and hokum.

Quite a legacy, all in all, quite an ongoing fury of fame, for a piece of flaxen cloth woven in a three-to-one herringbone twill.

[ . . .]

"It (the shroud) is not the answer to faith, but it might make you consider it," Schwortz concluded.

So the whole enterprise plays to this hunger for mystery and connection, while anchoring it heavily in science and forensics but not taking that final leap into the supernatural.