imageFirst published, March 14, So far, this book seems to only be available from Amazon in Kindle format. The price is $7.99. Amazon Prime members, however, may borrow the Kindle version for free. Here is a brief description:

Alat Farad, an Islamic terrorist group, steals the Shroud of Turin. Mikiel Cardinal Bleschev learns of the theft but convinces the Pope to deny its loss. Alat farad publishes in Reuters their claim and their ransom—a lot of cash and certain documents dangerous to the Vatican be made public. Bleschev again convinces the Pope to deny the existence of the documents. Payment of the cash financially will hurt the church. Publishing the documents might destroy the church—either will cause the Catholic population to lose faith in the Vatican.

A fast-paced thriller that goes far beyond the walls of the Vatican.

Hat tip: Joe Marino