take the time to read Colin’s work with an open mind.

Thibault Heimburger writes a comment:

Look at:

imageSo, Colin finally “cracked” the enigma of the Shroud. He now can explain all of the properties of the Shroud image, i.e superficiality at fiber and thread/fabric level, half-tone etc…

Most of his claims are based on theoretical hypotheses. However, I think that CB’s claims has to be considered seriously.

What do we need ?

We need some experiments.

I can perform some experiments.

David Goulet responds:

I don’t think anyone has explored the scorch theory to the degree Colin now has. Agree with him or not you have to respect the work he’s put into it. He needs to be taken seriously indeed. I will look forward to your experiments and to the comments of others here who review his latest conclusions. And folks, before commenting, please do take the time to read Colin’s work with an open mind. There are insights to be had.