imageA reader passed along a story from the Huffington Post religion section, Raising The Dead: Evangelical Christians Want To Practice Resurrections. The reader even suggested, I think tongue in cheek, issuing these folks Geiger counters and pieces of linen cloth so they could experiment on creating an image.

I followed the links from HuffPo to the source: Barry Duke, writing in Freethinker, “The Voice of Atheism Since 1881.”  He posted the article, Evangelical Christians want access to more corpses … to hone their ‘raising the dead’ skills

TYLER Johnson runs a ministry called the Dead Raising Team in the US. He claims to have brought 11 people back to life. He says he even persuaded the authorities in his state to issue him with an official photocard which lets him through police lines at car accident sites.

Johnson, according to this BBC report, appears in a new documentary film called Deadraisers, which follows enthusiasts as they trail round hospitals and mortuaries trying to bring people back to life.

I’m actually going to post this. It must be a slow news day.