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The design is excellent. Click HERE or on the above image to explore the site. There is an updates section that you will want to bookmark and visit frequently. For instance, you will note that . . .

Prof. Bruno Barberis Attending

The organizing committee extended an invitation to Prof. Bruno Barberis, Director of the International Center of Sindonology in Turin, and he has accepted.

We also already have preliminary commitments from six members of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP). Many other scientists and Shroud researchers are expected to attend. In addition to many new and exciting papers, roundtable discussions and open question & answer sessions are planned.

There is also a subscription mailing list for updates on the conference. The sign up form is conveniently located on every screen of the site in the lower right-hand corner.

Key dates to note for presenters:

  • Submission of Abstract:  15 April 2014
  • Acceptance/Rejection: 30 May 2014

4 thoughts on “New Official St. Louis Conference Website”

  1. The question underlined by Louis in a past message, on this blog, the directionality for the presumed radiations that generated the Holy Imprint on linen sheet, seems to be a particular argument …
    “Wave of matter and waves of energy… When both generated from the first instant of an unknown phenomenon.” … This can be the title to study for the thoroughbred scientific intervention …
    Using our Science we can start to discuss this question considering the natural explanations for what seems to be the natural result from the condensation-reaction-evaporation cycles (= wet conditions, IR from the body, aromas and cadaveric emissions) … or … we can delve into the new hard Physics, trying to be updated …
    For example :
    Stephen Hawking has published a new study where the quantum fluctuations of Space-Time
    are involved in the “Black Hole’s weather-forecast” …
    But, before to speak on that new and difficult matter (as connected with the new interpretation for “The Sign”), at least we have to know what Hawking exactly wrote … !

    In any case (IMO) we have to answer to the question :
    Was the Shroud the result from the directional radiation similar that of the Black Hole (=BH) ?
    — —
    Have you read the new theory by Stephen Hawking (DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK) ?
    Here the title :
    Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting for Black Holes

    Click to access 1401.5761v1.pdf

    — —
    See also :
    Stephen Hawking Thinks Universe Is Not so Holey After All
    Link :
    … at the end, there is
    the conclusion :
    > … … If Stephen Hawking came to this conclusion about black holes actually being grey holes, why is it only being talked about now, 10 years into the future? Scientific progress takes time and although Hawking submitted a paper about his new theory on January 22, it still must pass a peer review to make the transition to go from being scientific theory to scientific fact. If it does, then thinking that the universe isn’t so “holey” might not be such a crazy notion after all.
    — —
    I have several doubts … and I ask your opinion.
    In my idea we have to investigate the linen fibrils using the SPM techinques, but there are other subtle things to take into account …
    What is your opinion about the Black Hole Radiation (= BHR) and the new theory by S. Hawking in order to improve the investigations/speculations on BIF (= Body Image Formation)?

  2. The message sent by Louis was the following :
    January 24, 2014 at 7:57 am
    >If it is vertical radiation then it could be counted as another unique characteristic of the Shroud. After all, we have other conflicting information.
    — —
    The idea of BHR seems to be interesting and the photon sphere is a spherical boundary of zero thickness !
    Sorry … Here I am very limited …
    For example : I don’t know the exact composition of accretion disk around a black hole …
    I have read that relativistic jets are extremely powerful jets of plasma which emerge from presumed massive objects … But all these things seem to be far from the Shroud.
    Where is the truth ?
    Only investigating (in a non-destructive manner) the linen fibrils (taken from the Shroud) we can improve our knowledges.
    The 14C tests are not the right way to approach the BIF problem.

  3. Good evening, Piero. My comment was prompted by someone else’s comment that the radiation had to follow a known pattern, assuming that any other proposition would be a violation of the laws of nature, created in some sort of Platonic heaven as many assume. There seems to be no reason why divine agency should be trapped by, or obey, the laws of nature and exceptions to ordinary behaviour is what the Catholic Church calls miracles, after examining the conditions that warrant an exception.

    It is good that you brought Stephen Hawking into the scenario, for he goes beyond Einstein by asking the right questions, not limiting himself to Spinoza’s “deity” to which Einstein subscribed. He has all the marks of a true scientist, not indulging in scientism, knowing that science will never answer all questions. That is why he is a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

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