Joe Marino writes:

imageThe Military Channel has a new series called "Myth Hunters."  I just finished watching my recording from 16 January.  The 1 hour episode was called "Quest for the True Cross" and featured German author/historian Michael Hesemann [pictured].  (Hesemann gave one to two presentations at the 2001 Dallas Shroud conference.)

While historical documents, certain archaeological data and comparative paleography indicate that the titulus crucis from the Santa Croce in Rome is authentic, the C-14 dating performed in 2002 did not agree.  The results came out something like AD 842-1000.

The program spent several minutes on the Shroud.  Robert Wilcox was interviewed for that portion and expressed doubts about the reliability of the C-14 results in that case.  (Bob, you should have alerted us you were going to be on.)  But they let a C-14 scientist give the old line that C-14 is practically infallible.

Although the program did give most of the time to Hesemann, at the end they once again touted how reliable C-14 is.  The narrator ended by saying that believers won’t accept the reliability of the results in the case of the titulus crucis because the idea of it being authentic is "just too powerful."

Once again we have a case of mainstream science accepting the validity of C-14 dating over a wealth of other scientific and historical information that conflicts with the dating.

What has happened to science? When did it lose an open mind perspective?