A Thread Dedicated to Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello’s Proposal

clip_image001Note to members of the public who may discover this page: You should not interpret the publication of the following message as an endorsement. It is not. In an opening paragraph, not well designed to win friends and influence people, Vincenzo tells us the ignorant scoff. So be it.

If you wish to join Vincenzo’s team, please email him. If you wish to discuss this proposal, his methods and related claims, please confine the discussions to this thread for now. Comments in other threads that imply that there is any validity to these methods may be removed until these methods are established.

Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello writes:

I wish to set up a team called the Vatican Veronica Veil Project (VVVP)

My name is Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello and am an experimental photographer with 27 years experience in alternate methods of photographic film and video processing. My expertise in the past 3 years has been in Angular Filming techniques simply using the computer lcd screen. Though the ignorant scoff it actually works quite well in acting as a negative / positive image inverter utilising the illumination of the screen to enhance detail and allows for close up magnification,it is also an excellent filter system.

What I have done recently in 2011 was to process the Vatican Veronica Veil using Angular Filming to reveal a ”second Shroud” image of an alive Jesus Christ about to be crucified. The image was also verified using normal photography and processing onto negative film strip which revealed the same face. These images can be seen here at http://www.veronica-veil.com

The original and only image available is not the best but was good enough to unveil this historical discovery, I used the image from wikipedia,it’s the only one available. I also checked and processed the other 6 or so Veronicas in various museums and churches which revealed simply paint.

Angular filming works in segments as the revealing of negative to positive once tilting the screen happens in segments. A snapshot is taken then another tilt is used. There is no quality loss either as the snapshot is digital,further tilting reveals more of the image.

The Veronica required 3-4 angular tilts and then the final snapshot taken was placed in a microsoft image inverter positive negative programme, this is seen on my website the large black and white face of Christ.

Injury markings on the Veronica right of nose appear on the Shroud face on the left. This evidence coupled with the exact facial features prove it is the same man. Because the Veronica appeared in Rome in the 8th century it destroys the current ludicrous theories that DaVinci or some other genius created the Shroud of Turin. The conclusion is that the Veronica will authenticate the Shroud of Turin and each other.

The team must have qualified scientists with degrees to submit to journals. I will teach and be with all members step by step,it took me 3 years to become an expert at AF but can teach you. You will be recognised alonside myself as the research team that solved the mystery of the Shroud of Turin. With some gentle pressure we may travel to Rome to photograph it in close up but till then we work as I did with what we have available. email vincent@veronica-veil.com

Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

13 thoughts on “A Thread Dedicated to Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello’s Proposal”

  1. This is it Dan, the foundation to the theory, I sink or swim on this. It involves the Shroud of Turin and the Vatican Veronica. The screen is tilted and the positive images appear in both cloths. This does not require even any scientific verification as it is self verifying, and there is no distortion. We can see the true face of Christ in the Shroud without reversal of left to right ,the Veronica because its small was photographed in close up once revealed and futher processed. Please show this to the prospective team as this is the foundation and evidence to the theory thanks. Please also understand I actually photographed the Veronica image and processed film revealing the same image on my website

  2. What I have done in scientific terms is discover a form of infared filming where tilting the screen back filters out certain colours allowing us to see through the true images encoded in the Shroud and the Vatican Veronica. Infared cameras are programmed to filter or enhance colours allowing people to see in the dark or to examine paintings and the cosmos. This is a simple and effective form of infared filming, mechanical in nature.

  3. In spite of his 27 years of experimental photography, Vincenzo seems unaware of the phenomenon of solarization, which looks to me to be the effect anybody at all can observe by tipping the screen of their laptop away from them. On my laptop (Macbook Pro), this only occurs if I hold the screen in ‘landscape’ format, and not when I hold it sideways in ‘portrait’ format. I suppose it is something to do with the way the liquid crystal display units are arranged. Although a solarization has many of the characteristics of a negative, it isn’t, nor is it anything to do with infra-red radiation, as suggested on Vicenzo’s website.

    Almost nothing in Vincenzo’s article above is true. Angular Filming does not act as a negative/positive inverter, it does not enhance detail, nor allow for close up magnification. It is a very poor filter system. Angular filming does not work in segments, it depends entirely on the angle between the screen and the camera, although, as a camera is more precise than the human eye, you do need several positions to take photos of the whole screen. The Wikipedia image is not the best image of the Vatican Veronica on the internet. Try http://www.holyfacedevotion.com/images/VeronicaVeil.jpg.

    As for the similarity between the faces of the Shroud and the Vatican veil, you don’t need to squint at a badly focussed solarisation of either to observe them. Just superimpose the two on a document. Hardly surprisingly, the eyes, nose and mouth can be fairly accurately superimposed on one another – but then that’s true of just about every other portrait on the planet. I do not see any other correlation, specifically no injury marks on the cheeks. The conclusion that the Veronica will authenticate the Shroud of Turin and vice versa is extremely far-fetched, in my opinion.

    Sorry Vincenzo, I will not be joining the team that solved the mystery of the Shroud of Turin.

  4. That link is not the Veronica from wikipedia it is a copy painted which I have processed also a fake. What is true regardless of my description whether or not it is a form or infared or solarisation is the fact the Shroud face has appeared and the Veronica image has appeared also. I am the first to use this technique on both cloths. Thanks for watching, I am only after qualified scientists who believe in my work and discovery.

  5. And ps you are incorrect in stating that AF does not work as a positive negative inverter because in the processing clip the Shroud face which is a HD photo is converted to a positive face image without reversal how can you dispute this ? Explain the face of Christ appearing in the angular tilt of the Shroud face. And I state once again that link you provided is a painting completely different frame and different image.

  6. While I don’t believe photographing an optical effect on a monitor can achieve anywhere near the detail, precision, or repeatability of modern image processing software, I can agree the Vatican cloth should be photographed with modern imaging equipment. There’s really no reason not do take some pictures.

    One of the most valuable thing researchers can do right now is probably the development of detailed protocols for future study — not just of the Shroud, but any other cloth, any other relic as well. It would be beneficial, for example, to have a specified set of imaging techniques and use the same exact (if given the opportunity) on the Shroud, the Sudarium, and the Vatican veil. Likewise, protocols for chemical analysis, DNA testing, etc. should be developed and published in advance even of the request to study any of these relics. At the very least, it would define the sense of the research community of what should be done, by whom, under what conditions, etc.

    This is probably redundant. I’m new to this subject, so work along these lines may have already been done. If so, please point me to it. I know there’s a document detailing plans for a “STURP-II,” but I can only imagine many of the methods proposed are dated. I guess what I’m proposing is a publicly available, possibly-crowd-sourced, “Torino Protocol” that is kept constantly up-to-date and ready to go should the pope ever give the “papal nod” authorizing new tests.

  7. Hello Dan thankyou for this but have decided to bite the bullet and will now hire a freelance scientist to copy and verify my work and submit to journals. I do not need a team just one qualified person. Thankyou for your help anyway

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