clip_image001Note to members of the public who may discover this page: You should not interpret the publication of the following message as an endorsement. It is not. In an opening paragraph, not well designed to win friends and influence people, Vincenzo tells us the ignorant scoff. So be it.

If you wish to join Vincenzo’s team, please email him. If you wish to discuss this proposal, his methods and related claims, please confine the discussions to this thread for now. Comments in other threads that imply that there is any validity to these methods may be removed until these methods are established.

Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello writes:

I wish to set up a team called the Vatican Veronica Veil Project (VVVP)

My name is Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello and am an experimental photographer with 27 years experience in alternate methods of photographic film and video processing. My expertise in the past 3 years has been in Angular Filming techniques simply using the computer lcd screen. Though the ignorant scoff it actually works quite well in acting as a negative / positive image inverter utilising the illumination of the screen to enhance detail and allows for close up magnification,it is also an excellent filter system.

What I have done recently in 2011 was to process the Vatican Veronica Veil using Angular Filming to reveal a ”second Shroud” image of an alive Jesus Christ about to be crucified. The image was also verified using normal photography and processing onto negative film strip which revealed the same face. These images can be seen here at

The original and only image available is not the best but was good enough to unveil this historical discovery, I used the image from wikipedia,it’s the only one available. I also checked and processed the other 6 or so Veronicas in various museums and churches which revealed simply paint.

Angular filming works in segments as the revealing of negative to positive once tilting the screen happens in segments. A snapshot is taken then another tilt is used. There is no quality loss either as the snapshot is digital,further tilting reveals more of the image.

The Veronica required 3-4 angular tilts and then the final snapshot taken was placed in a microsoft image inverter positive negative programme, this is seen on my website the large black and white face of Christ.

Injury markings on the Veronica right of nose appear on the Shroud face on the left. This evidence coupled with the exact facial features prove it is the same man. Because the Veronica appeared in Rome in the 8th century it destroys the current ludicrous theories that DaVinci or some other genius created the Shroud of Turin. The conclusion is that the Veronica will authenticate the Shroud of Turin and each other.

The team must have qualified scientists with degrees to submit to journals. I will teach and be with all members step by step,it took me 3 years to become an expert at AF but can teach you. You will be recognised alonside myself as the research team that solved the mystery of the Shroud of Turin. With some gentle pressure we may travel to Rome to photograph it in close up but till then we work as I did with what we have available. email

Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello