John Klotz, you asked me this about a week ago, if I recall correctly. So here goes:

Find an image anywhere on the internet. It can be within a document*. Get or copy the image URL, which begins with the letters “http” and ends with “jpg”, “gif” or “png”. Type the red part exactly as you see it below (but type it in black) Paste or type the image URL shown in blue between the two red quotation marks.


img src stands for image source. The less-than and greater-than symbols mean something as does the slash. The quotation marks are important, apparently.

*Images in PDF files can be tricky, Sometimes you can extract them with the copy command (right click sort of stuff) and send them to Flickr, Facebook, etc. You can then include them in comments. I don’t know how to do that but that is why we have children. Please don’t ask for technical support above and beyond this because this is the extent of what I know about the subject.