imageBy way of a comment, Matthias writes:


I’ve gone to the Enrie negative again, I measured the length from the tip of the middle finger to just above the knuckles at 95mm – which is almost identical to my own hand. If I then measure from the knuckle area to the upper edge of the hand wound, I measure about 50mm, which places the wound around the middle of the back of the hand. Looking at the Enrie negative up close, I also think – at least to my eye it looks like the back of the hand – not the wrist.

I’ve done this a few times now and come to the same conclusion – the wound is clearly in the middle of the hand, not the wrist as per the conventional wisdom.

Since DaveB and I clearly differ in opinion, it would be very good to hear other opinions.

Then this roles in from a reader via email:

I am still not convinced that Zugibe’s exit point was wrong. The circle on the left is where Barbet’s exit point is vs Zugibe’s on the right. I think Zugibe’s exit point fits the blood stain more. What do you think?

More opinions?

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