ln the last hour this is being reported (Bing Translation):


Headline: 2015 with Pope and Turin Shroud coming two million pilgrims

Lede: Are ads that this morning the Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia will press conference, flanked by Mayor Piero Fassino. The papal visit might take place around mid-August, coinciding with the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco

Dateline: Paul Griseri

Exposition of the shroud in 2015, which would become a landmark year for Catholics in Turin: with the possible visit of the Pope in front of the sheet and the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Don Bosco. Will these ads that the Archbishop, Cesare Nosiglia, will this morning’s press conference. The fact that alongside the Bishop there is, at the same time, the Mayor of Turin, suggests more likely announcement of the exposition, an event that also involves organizationally. In any case, the papal visit to Turin for the exposition could

arrive around mid-August because the bicentenary of the birth of the Saint of Beaks falls on August 16, 2015. Pope Bergoglio could arrive in Piedmont again next year with a visit dedicated exclusively to Portacomaro where are his family members. Increasingly difficult, on the other hand, his presence at the book fair or at Terra Madre: the two have created a diplomatic battle that could end up both svantaggiarle.