Swedish Parliament to Hear About the Shroud of Turin

imageThe Christian Post is reporting that in another presentation before the 20th annual Christian Apologetics conference in Charlotte, Gary Habermas presented 10 reasons for the fall of atheism, “an argument which he is also set to deliver before the Swedish parliament, one of the most atheistic societies in the world.”

Next, he presented six reasons that people can use for believing specifically in the Christian faith, listing them as follows:

  • Recent documentations of miracle claims: referring to thousands of cases around the world of documented miracles, including those where medical doctors witness prayer healing people with severe physical disabilities.
  • Double-blind prayer experiments: where people pray for others with terminal illness. Habermas admitted that most such experiments have not worked, but the three that he knows of that have indeed worked were cases of orthodox-Christians praying for the sick.
  • Jesus as a miracle healer: the research professor noted that when he went to graduate school, most people did not believe that Jesus was a miracle healer, but that has changed and many scholars now believe in the real miracles presented in the Bible.
  • Jesus proclaimed the resurrection beforehand: meaning that Jesus did not simply rise from the dead, but revealed beforehand that he would be resurrected. "It’s one thing to rise from the dead, but you claim double the significance of it if you told everybody what was going to happen ahead of time, which shows that you’re in control and know what’s going on," the apologist argued.
  • Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Habermas said that "we are on the strongest grounds up here on the resurrection argument. Today, there are more scholars who believe that something happened to Jesus than there are those who believe that nothing happened to Jesus."
  • Shroud of Turin: the apologist referred to an hour-long session he led on Friday about recent discoveries surrounding the Shroud, but admitted, "It deserves to be put on the board, at least now. It could be proven wrong tomorrow."

Habermas concluded: "We have got to get the world out there, because the challenge is there, naturalism is losing, and we need to see Christianity ascend, because we have the data."

That mentioned Shroud of Turin session is discussed in Gary Habermas on the Shroud at Apologetics Conference Last Friday

3 thoughts on “Swedish Parliament to Hear About the Shroud of Turin”

  1. Gary Habermas is on the right track but needs to explain further when needed.

    1.Severe physical disabilities. This is vague because 86% of diseases are of psychic origin

    2) He only knows of three cases?

    3) This is not fresh news.They have realised that Bultmann was wrong, influenced as he was by Heidegger’s philosophy. Msgr. John P. Meier has argued convincingly and we cannot forget that even the Mishnah mentions the healing and curing, adding that even Jesus’ disciples could heal and cure

    4) There is no need to be a biblical scholar to understand this. It is only a question of reading the Gospels.

    5) They have bumped into the mysterium christi, leading them to the realisation that there is a lot more in the box. Father Rudolf Scnackenburg understood it easily, therefore his view that Jesus “hovers above the gospels”

    5) It is the right approach.

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