imageJairo A. Diaz, (Department of Pathology, Medicine School, Laboratory of Pathology, Hospital Departmental of Villavicencio, Hospital Departmental of Granada, University Cooperative of Colombia, Villavicencio, Colombia) in a repetitive series of comments writes;

Please read our last article published in NATURAL SCIENCE from the scientific research publishing group.,.. the title “Geometric triangular chiral hexagon complexes and clonal embryogenic body organization on the Turin Shroud crucified man image: A predictable tissue response to injury” please observe these real images and text the link is

please help us the diffusion of this article in those who believe in jesus

Okay, I helped. But I’m sorry, Jairo, I read it and I just cannot accept your premise.

Here, for all, is some of the abstract:

. . . Our interest is to determine if we can predict and identify these patterns in the Shroud of Turin. Based on pattern recognition image was analyzed over 100 shroud images. We identified a central spectral emission line that exhibits a characteristic signature on a plot of residual electro- magnetic radiation, head area narrowing and low extremities broadening, indication of decay energy changes in the velocity of the molecules in the traversal trajectory. This Electromagnetic collision event generates in the cloth stagnant blood areas with patterns identical to those identified for us in cancer damage tissues. Inflammatory cytokines activate stem cells and Notch signaling proteins in cascade of interactions to generate real clonal human embryoid template. Can we predict function from structure? These structures evoke life, regeneration, but not death. Our findings suggest the image of a crucified man on the Shroud of Turin is a real physical electromagnetic collision event in response to extreme tissue injury, . . .

What can I say? Pattern recognition on pictures of an old, dirty, wrinkled, mended cloth? Embryonic shapes?  I can probably find any shape I want on this cloth. An electromagnetic collision event?

I’m sorry, Jairo, I read the paper. I’m not convinced.

Natural Science claims it is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is part of . . .

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