More on Dmitry Kuznetsov

imageHere are some older postings in this blog dealing with Dmitry Kuznetsov along with some links found in those postings.

Blog postings here:

1) Dmitry Kuznetsov is back in the news (July 2, 2013)

3) Paper Chase: The amazing Dr Kouznetsov by William Meacham (January 11. 2012)

  • William Meacham, “The amazing Dr Kouznetsov  (link doesn’t work, I’ll write to Bill Meacham and see if I can get a copy or a current link)

2 thoughts on “More on Dmitry Kuznetsov”

  1. It was Ian Wilson who brought Kouznetsov into the limelight in Shroud studies by taking him at face value. Later, he dutifully dismissed the scientist’s experiments, saying that “they turned out to be completely bogus.”

  2. Thanks for posting up this comprehensive list of posts exposing that fellow! I’ve book-marked it for future reference.

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