Hard to buy the made in the 1340s line of dogma

imageMark Shea, in Catholic and Enjoying It over at Patheos Press, nets out the significance of two parts of an article in The TOF Spot blog:

Mike Flynn on the Shroud of Turin

[Posted] August 27, 2013 By Mark Shea

He offers a [1] nice discussion of the state of the Question, followed by an absolutely [2] fascinating speculative reconstruction of its history, featuring a gob of documentation I was unfamiliar with. After this, I think it’s pretty darn hard to buy the “It was made in the 1340s” line of dogma.

My challenge to Shroud skeptics and similar Atheism of the Gaps types remains unchanged. If it’s a fake, make another one.

Again because you really should read these: 

Note: I had linked to the first part (nice discussion) on August 14 with Or it is the first century burial cloth of Yussuf Schmoe?

One thought on “Hard to buy the made in the 1340s line of dogma”

  1. I read both postings. The second one on the “historical reconstruction” is very close to the papers by Markwardt (Antioch) and Scavone (Othon de la Roche / Besancon / Jeanne de Vergy / etc). However no credit is given to these two authors in Mike Flynn’s article. I suspect the web page is a “digest” version based on their papers. The reconstruction is very close to my own opinion. However recent comments by Charles Freeman, O.K. and others on this site, indicate that other entirely different explanations may well be viable.

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