imageA reader writes:

Recently, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a new patent application by Apple that reveals they’re working on a next generation 3D Holographic-like display system. In one application suggestion, Apple will display a 3D Siri to replace the now voice only Sire. A 3D figure would be able to point at icons on the screen and even click on links for users. The Holographic-like display is a small projection system invented by Christoph H. Krah at Apples Cupertino lab. Ideas for apps include video conferencing, object modeling and entertainment.

Now we can wonder if the Archdiocese of Turin will release a new Shroud 3D app. Imagine the TSM (Jesus) standing on your iPhone pointing to part of the Shroud and maybe even quoting from the Sermon on the Mount.  .

In the meantime, mikefromspace is making signficant headway at getting out the gate firs app-wiset. Watch his YouTube video, Shroud of Turin 3D Hologram. It shows the 3D beautifully. Enjoy.

Then visit mikefromspace’s YouTube Channel.