Hot Dogma took notice of last April’s video of Barrie Schwortz on the YouTube – Catholic News Service channel. Meaning Hot Dogma hasn’t been paying attention, the headline reads: “Apparently we’re still arguing about the Shroud of Turin.”

Tom Breen, who categorized his posting with the term Papists, puts it tis way:

People are going to fight about this forever, it seems. The latest update is an interview with Barrie Schwortz, a photographer who was part of the original research team examining the fabric, who says, “We could tell you what it’s not — not a painting, not a photograph, not a scorch, not a rubbing — but we know of no mechanism to this day that can make an image with the same chemical and physical properties as the image on the shroud.”

(Note to Tom: You might want to look up the word Papist in Wikipedia. And while you’re at it you might note that the shroud’s authenticity is embraced by many Anglican, Protestant, Evangelical, Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Syrian, Indian) and Coptic Christians.)

Anyway, in case you missed the video, here it is again.