Russ Breault writes:

I posted a new video called "The Face".  I have long pondered why the face on the Shroud is its most profound feature and has become an iconic symbol of the Christian faith since it was first photographed over 100 years ago.  What is the significance of the face and is there a message to be conveyed?  This short video explores those two questions.

The Vimeo page hosting the video reads:

The scripture is filled with references regarding God’s face. What does it mean when God turns his face away or hides his face? What does it mean when he turns his face towards us? Or when his face shines upon us? Is there a deeper meaning as to why the face image from the Shroud of Turin is the cloth’s most prominent feature?

The Face: Exploring the meaning of the Shroud from Russ Breault on Vimeo.