imageI have no idea why Antonio Lombatti was raising this on his blog yesterday except that perhaps he has run out of anything meaningful to say.

In a response, a commenter on Lombatti’s blog, Biblical Archaeology and History of the Church criticized Lombatti for his most recent posting.  This is how I choose to start this posting, with what I understood from Google and Bing translations:

If you were to look at all the crap that men do you should not even go by bus and breathe their air; You should not give a hand to anyone; you should not take the communion host from the hands of a priest (he could be a "sinner"). Fortunately in the same air we breathe we have experienced great men and Jesus Christ. . . . It doesn’t seem respectable [on your part, Mr. Lombatti] to try to relate the Shroud to that of pedophiles: It is really tacky.

Lombatti responds:

Maybe you’re right. However, I do not understand why this depraved [person] disappeared from all official lists of members [of] STURP.

imageWho, of course, is not what Church Lady Lombatti’s posting is really about. This is the all-caps headline in his blog: SHROUD: A PEDOPHILE FUNDAMENTALIST IN STURP. You can do your own translation with Google or Bing or you can get a good idea from nasty hypocritical Jim West, Pastor of Petros Baptist Church and Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies and Church History for the Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary. In his blog, ZWINGLIUS REDIVIVUS, West does a Lombatti poop dump:


So, it turns out that

… among the 1978 STURP scientists that examined the Turin Shroud there was also one (probably more than one) who belonged to the fundamentalist sect of the Christ Brotherhood (others to the Cult of Jesus sect). Paterson Brown was arrested in 1981 over raiding several Christ Brotherhood homes and taking 14 children into custody. Although five of the children said they had been molested by Brown, he was tried only for raping and sodomizing the 14-year-old daughter of a sect member.   Not a single book or article on the Shroud has ever mentioned that this depraved pedophile and fundamentalist was part of the scholars who studied the relic in 1978.

For a bit of sanity read Thomas Paterson Brown ’60 – In Memory, deceased June 6, 2012 on the Amherst College Magazine website. And read the comments.

Drs. Antonio Lombatti and Jim West, what intelligent point were you trying to make?