imageWord arrived that Ben Wiech, best known to me for more than four hundred comments in the Shroud Science Group forum, passed away. He had brain cancer. An email addressed to Ray Rogers back in 2003 is particularly memorable:

I agree that the mind can fool us into seeing all kinds of things on the Shroud that maybe are not really there. We all see a body shape, but only a few of us see lances or a titulus from the crucifixion.

Here is what I see. You’ll agree with me on all but one.

Coins. Well, I see coin letters but since Dr. Jackson and Barry Schwortz and others are adamant in saying they aren’t there and can’t be there, I’ll agree that they may not be there.

Flowers. No, I don’t see them.

Teeth. Again, I don’t see enough there to be sure I’m seeing any dental images.

Skull. Nope, can’t be sure.

Finger bones. Bingo! We have a winner! Everybody sees something here. Fans and foe alike. Joe Nickell, arch-enemy of the Shroud, saw them and used them to discredit the Shroud. People see them because they seem to be as clear as a leg or an arm! Now, if they are finger bones, your chance of coming up with a naturalistic hypothesis to explain the image and the finger bones, just flew right out the scientific window! So, I’m guessing you don’t see finger

Ben Wiech

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By Ben Wiech


Now, our friend Ben has the answers. We can be thankful for treasured memories of Ben.