Photograph for Today

Right now there is a going-nowhere-fast thread on the Perspectives on Everything discussion board. Entitled, Shroud Of Turin Real? New Research Dates Relic To 1st Century, Time Of Jesus Christ, it started on March 28th. The most recent comment, number 255, was from yesterday, May 30th. I’m not recommending it, unless you are having trouble sleeping.

But what did catch my eye in the thread is this great photograph from a YouTube video, Why the Shroud of Turin is a forgery? by Walter Hain, Vienna, Austria:


Here is the video if you want to watch it, It runs about eight minutes, or so.

One thought on “Photograph for Today”

  1. Great example of how arrogant McCrone was. His arrogance allowed him to get away with shoddy work and then pretend how his analysis was so superior to others. The Vinland Map episode clearly shows that McCrone’s pride wouldn’t even let him admit it when he was clearly proven wrong.

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