Barrie Schwortz: Isn’t it funny how God always picks a Jew to be the messenger

Here is a story from the National Catholic Reporter that dovetails with the video in the previous posting: Science still can’t explain Shroud of Turin, researcher says:


Barrie Schwortz . . .

Raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, "it took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I’m a Jew and involved with probably the most important relic of Christianity," Schwortz told Catholic News Service.

"Isn’t it funny how God always picks a Jew to be the messenger," he said.

Schwortz said he, along with the other members of the research team who came from various faith backgrounds, had to set aside personal beliefs and focus on the shroud itself rather than any religious implication it might carry.

2 thoughts on “Barrie Schwortz: Isn’t it funny how God always picks a Jew to be the messenger”

  1. This phrase represent a very good example of the fabulous sense of humor of my friend Barrie…

  2. With respect Mr Schwortz, God does not always pick a Jew as messenger.!

    God’s messengers are many and varied in ancestral backgrounds ie the Samaritan woman, angels who are celestial beings, Pope John Paul II, a Polish Pope and our present Pope an Argentian, even Nicholas Breakspeare an Englishman. Then there are Joan of Arc, the Sts Theresas, the Sts Catherines and so many other women who witness to Jesus as Saviour. Then remember Donald Soper of Hyde Park Corner fame, the Wesleys and Blessed John Henry Newman etc etc etc.

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