imageFrom This is The West Country we learn that an artist’s biblical work to be displayed alongside replica Turin Shroud:

Visitors to St Andrew’s Church in Tiverton will be able to view Rosa Tuffney’s acclaimed work alongside one of six official replicas of the Turin Shroud – a piece of linen cloth containing the image of a crucified man’s body, back and front.

The paper reports about a Vatican sanctioned copy (there are about six in Great Britain and at least nine in the U.S. and I imagine more elsewhere):

The Rev Sheath said the shroud’s visit was the largest arranged by a parishioner after they saw it on display at Worcester Cathedral.

He said: “It’s quite a coup for us.

“It will put not just St Andrew’s on the map, but also Tiverton, I’d think.

Wait a minute. St. Andrews is Church of England (Anglican) and it is displaying a Vatican sanctioned copy of the Shroud. I like that! Hurry, the parish web page below shows that you have until May 5th.