Charles Creager Jr. and his Genesis Science Mission website, a young earth creation science site, has an up-to-date article on the shroud. Note the references to Fanti’s recent work:

Using infra-red light, spectroscopy and multiparametric mechanical tests on fibers taken from the shroud during the 1988 study Professor Giulio Fanti of the University of Padua and other scientists discovered that the fibers were compatible with those from the time of the death, burial and resurrection Jesus Christ in about 30 AD. Combining the results from different tests tests, produces a date of 220 B.C.- 280 AD. The conclusion is the Shroud of Turin is not a medieval forgery but is from a time range consistent with it be authentic

But, in the end, authenticity gets down to Biblical tests. For the life of me I will never figure out how that is science. Keeping in mind that many fundamentalists and biblical literalists reject the shroud’s authenticity on scriptural grounds, read the following and explain to me how this isn’t “interpretive literalism.”

Matthew refers to Jesus’ body be rapped  in a linen cloth while Luke and John refer to linen clothes, with Mark simply referring to linen. John also refers to "the napkin, that was about his head." John’s account is often used again the Shroud of Turin being authentic because it refers to cloths and with the napkin requires at least three cloth’s to be present. However when you include Matthew which indicates the Jesus Christ’s body was wrapped in a linen cloth then an answer presents itself. The best way to reconcile these accounts is that the was one main large cloth in which the body was wrapped and one or more smaller long ones use to bind the rapping together. This possibility is supported by the fact that along one side if the shroud is a strip a little shorter than the rest of the cloth (see the to of the above image) that was sewn on that seems to have originally been part of the cloth that was cut off and later sewn back on. If the main part of the Shroud of Turin were the main rappings and this strip were used to bind the bundle then what we have in the shroud would fit the description of the linen clothes thus making the Shroud of Turin consistent with the Gospel account. . . .

I also believe the Shroud is authentic. And I believe the universe is 13.7 billions years old and that the human species evolved over millions of years. And I believe that all of this is consistent with scripture, but so without tortured apology (interpretive literalism). The shroud can be authentic no matter what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John say.