Barrie Schwortz just found this link, possibly from a satellite feed, and posted it on his site ( :

View the Television Exposition

Also, this is a bing translation from Ostension du Saint-Suaire de Turin:

Saturday Saint from 5: 10 p.m., it will be possible to follow on KTO the exceptional television ostension of the Holy Shroud of Turin. Decided by Benedict XVI, the ceremony will be held in camera in the Duomo. The ostension of half an hour will take place during the ceremony, which lasted 1 hour and a half.

That is 12:10 pm EDT (New York). I have a streaming picture. Anyone know Italian? And are these the same broadcasts? I just want to get it up there fast.

I also had the same picture without sound on my iPhone from a bootleg streaming site in France. It lasted two minutes then failed. No luck at all with the RAI streaming site.