imageJohn and Rebecca Jackson pass along this interesting, off-topic, good news story from EWTN:

The Church of St. Joseph in the Brooklyn borough of New York City is slated to become a co-cathedral, thanks to one of the last acts of Pope Benedict XVI before retiring.

"To receive the decree from Rome, dated for February 14th, 2013 – Valentine’s Day – in the midst of the Holy Father’s resignation as Pope, makes this all the more historic for our diocese and for St. Joseph’s," Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn said March 4.

This bit from the parish website describes this parish nicely:

Initially founded to serve the vast immigrant population fleeing the Irish famine 1846-1852, St Joseph’s continues to meet the needs of immigrants from places as far away as Manhattan and Queens. . . . Whether you are a young hipster, an aging yuppie, a family that escaped from the jungles of Manhattan, or an immigrant family that has recently made your home in the United States — We hope you will find the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph’s to be a place you can call home!