clip_image001Steve Newton, writing in the Delaware Libertarian blog, has major problems with the News Journal coverage of shroud-replica exhibition at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Wilmington:

There is a local showing of a replica of the Shroud of Turin on display at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Wilmington.  (I will hold off giggling about the use of the phrase "Vatican-approved replica" of an item whose authenticity has never been proven.)

[ . . . ]

I DO have a major problem with the News Journal article that NEVER takes into account the many controversies surrounding the authenticity of the Shroud.

While neither I nor anyone else can call the case "closed" in either direction (though I definitely have my own opinions at variance with those of Mr. Dawson), it strikes me as the worst sort of journalistic malpractice NOT to at least mention the decades of scientific controversy over the Shroud’s provenance.

I disagree. I for one thought it was refreshing to not read the oh-so-often-distorted arguments “in either direction.”