As reported in the Journal News:

A replica of the Shroud of Turin, the cloth believed to have been wrapped around Jesus Christ when he died, goes on display Sunday at a Wilmington church.

It is one of three unrelated events pertaining to the shroud that will be happening in Delaware in the next weeks. [1) St. Polycarp Church in Smyrna will host a lecture at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday by Donald Nohs and 2) another replica of the shroud is on display at Sacred Heart Oratory in Wilmington.

The Vatican-approved replica will be at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Wilmington at 800-801 West Lea Blvd. through March 22, with public viewing times each day. The church is a Byzantine Rite church, and Bishop W. Francis Malooly, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, is expected to visit one day.

The replica began touring Ukrainian churches in the United States three years ago, and has appeared in Philadelphia and New Jersey. . . .

. . . says parishioner Jerry Dawson, who is also a member of the Knights of Columbus who are helping organize the event. “You are moved when you see it, but when you listen to the DVD that explains the history of the shroud and the science of the shroud, then you really do understand that it’s the garment that Jesus was buried in.”

A sort of FYI is included in the article:

Byzantine Rite Catholic churches differ from Roman Catholic churches in several ways, but all of them are under the authority of the pope in Rome. One big difference is that Byzantine Rite priests are allowed to marry and have children.

Just like with the Anglican Rite parishes within the Roman Catholic Church. (I couldn’t resist).