He writes, regarding the preparation time for Easter 2013 (source shroud.it)

Dear priests, deacons, religious and lay people of Turin Diocese,

the Lent of this Year of Faith will see us engaged in several significant moments of celebration in the Cathedral to profess together the unity of the faith that makes us the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. As the Apostle Paul reminds us in Ephesians: «Try to keep, by the peace that binds you, that unity which comes from the Spirit: there is only one Body, only one Spirit, as only one hope, only one Lord, only one faith, only one baptism. There is only one God and Father of all, above all, that in all is present and acts » (4,3-6).

In the Pastoral Letter on Baptism ‘Devi nascere di nuovo’ (You must be born again), I remember that the profession of baptismal faith runs on a series of "no" and "yes" that affect the whole existence of the believer and that qualify their testimony.

So now we want to express our faith also publicly, professing it to live it with the most consistent love and hope. The Cathedral is the mother church where communion and unity of God’s people, around the Bishop, takes place in the most important moments of the liturgical year. It is therefore the place with the most symbolic and concrete unity of faith and charity which unites us and makes us the Church that walks along time and here in our territory.

In this solemn and important occasion we also want to venerate the Holy Shroud, « icon of the Holy Saturday », as Benedict XVI said, with acuity and depth, on his visit during the Exposition in 2010. Beneath the Cross (tells us the Gospel of Mark) the Roman centurion – pagan, therefore – seeing how Jesus had died, said: «Truly this was the Son of God » (Mc 15,39). It is therefore contemplating the Crucifix that we too can say the central act of our faith in Jesus buried, who died and rose again for the salvation of the world.

The Holy Shroud by showing us the tortured body of the Crucified and his suffering face, reminds us of the words of the Apostle John: « God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life » (Gv 3,16). Therefore the Shroud speaks to us not of defeat, but of victory; not of death, but of life; not of despair, but of hope; not of darkness, but of light emanating from the Holy Linen and sustains the faith of those who believe and live it in love.

Contemplating and praying before the Shroud, therefore we will address to the Lord our common prayer: Lord, increase our faith. Do not allow to be less in us the joy and enthusiasm to believe that You are here, in your Church, and operate wonderful things even amid the storms of a reality that seems more and more taking many people away from faith in You. Give us a heart open to the acceptance, courage in the search for who ignores you and wisdom to find ways for an effective new evangelization in our land.

To the Blessed Virgin Consulated, patroness of the diocese, we will rely our profession of faith and the will to make it a new life for us and for every person we meet in everyday of our lives.

So I shall expect you with joy and I hope that we can live together strong moments of prayer, communion and true fraternity.

Mgr. Cesare NOSIGLIA

bishop, father and friend