imageFrom the description of a Shroud Encounter video of still photographs on Vimeo:

Recently SHROUD ENCOUNTER came to UNC Charlotte sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center. The school made excellent use of promotional materials offered to them and repurposed them for various digital applications such as marquis signs, campus digital network, school website and more. The result was a spectacular full house event. The Shroud of Turin is a multidisciplinary topic drawing on history, science, art and religion–all are major departments at most schools. Extra credit is frequently offered by faculty for attendance. SHROUD ENCOUNTER is often featured as one of numerous Cultural Enrichment programs available for students. We offer this short video as an example of a well promoted event. No claim of authenticity can be made; the Shroud is a mystery in the same category as the Pyramids or Stonehenge. It is the most analyzed artifact in the world yet remains an unsolved mystery. Both sides of the debate are covered.

Watch it. Wow!