clip_image001In a comment, here, he informs us:

. . . Tomorrow’s my big day. Tomorrow’s when I finally tackle head-on the surviving Mr. (Dr.) Big of STURP and indeed Shroudology, after trying to keep a safe distance from this ‘big hitter’ for the best part of a year. Can you guess who? I don’t suppose he’ll be quaking in his shoes – but I will…

On his blog he tells us:

Next topic: Focus on Dr. John Jackson of the Shroud Center of Colorado, his continuing, and, to my way of thinking, inexplicable advocacy of radiation over contact scorching, and his apparent blind spot for heat transfer of the third kind in that strange preoccupation of his with ‘cloth-body distance’.

Here’s a taster (or should that be teaser?):

And he provides this visual aid with some text:


John Jackson’s view of cloth-body distance when a sheet of linen is draped over a corpse with no applied forces except those of gravity…
Would it really do that between chin and chest? Did a side strip (“selvedge”) have to be snipped off and used as a neck-encircling binding to achieve that effect – and then later re-attached in the interests of archival completeness?
(Occam’s razor?)

Should be fun to follow.