A reader writes:

clip_image001Dr. Colin Berry’s scorch theory works for me both chemically and religiously. I have always thought that the image was formed by extreme heat of the resurrection with the body in contact with the cloth just before Jesus dematerializes. I always though that STURP was wrong about scorching. Scorching is how you get such anatomical perfection, a negative image, and 3D. I do not think this is what Dr. Berry intended, but in the long run his theory will go a long way towards convincing many people that the shroud and the physical resurrection are real. He needs to conduct more experiments to show how viable this theory is. I think Jesus left this image for a skeptical age and it is the skeptics may achieve the best results.

See: Time maybe for a radical re-jigging of the scorch model – and of the alleged superficiality of the Shroud image too?