Joe Marino writes:

You may want to let your readers know that De Wesselow’s "The Sign: The Shroud of Turin and the Resurrection" is available for only $5.95 at .

It has quite a good selection of books on religion. The catalog I have lists the shipping and handling to be $3.50 total no matter how many books are ordered. I’m not sure if that applies to online ordering or not. The site has info on requesting a catalog.

imageI saw a book in the psychology category that looks super interesting:

Supersense: Why We Believe in the Unbelievable. By Bruce M. Hood. The author, a cognitive scientist, posits that our minds are designed from the very start to think there are unseen patterns, forces and essences inhabiting the world, and that it is unlikely that any effort to get rid of supernatural beliefs, or the superstitious behaviors that accompany them will be successful. 302 pages. HarperCollins. Pub at $25.99 Only $3.95.

It’s books like these that I think show the import of the Shroud. Anyone can try to explain away belief in the supernatural but it’s not so easy to debunk something as supernaturally concrete as the Shroud. I hope to read it at some point. Perhaps one of your readers can do a review if they read before I do.